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58th Birthdate Anniversary

My birthday is coming up soon, I’ve been preparing to celebrate – I believe #preparation is a good thing to do, by reflecting on how I’ve been feeling, what I’ve been producing. This year has been one for a proliferation of creative outpourings, of expressive energy, getting things in to, and out of my system. […]

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Reading at Brixton BookJam

Born, bred, and based in Brixton, I am a lover of the arts with a lifelong interest in and passion for creative expression – helps to soothe my troubled mind… Artist, poet, believer in social justice, I have spent more than 30 years working for and behalf of local communities with a sharp eyed focus […]

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An Evening of Poetry

It’s been great to see businesses like Nationwide mainstream contemporary poets in advertising and marketing campaigns regularly shown on TV screens, a really welcome feature. But there are other opportunities for poets to share their work with lovers of poetry and literature, and to share a high profile platform with other poets, bards, spoken word […]

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