7 Poems for 7 Days

I began writing poetry ‘officially’ about 42 years ago, inspired by faith, classic C15th – 17th English poets, and  black wordsmiths from Britain, Africa, and the Caribbean who took poetry and lyricism to another level.

I was also inspired by The Bible and my Christian faith having been raised in Baptist and Pentecostal church communities. I gained a good foothold on the path to spirituality, I found the foot prints of many who had gone before – seeking truth.



I’m no longer a church goer per se. I am a believer in the divine evolution of humanity and the human soul. I sum up my belief system in the middle-eight section of one of my much later songs:

“Isis the key
Amen Ra set you free
Christ God the Father
Gaea Earth Mother
Allah, Jah, Buddah
New Age, World Order
The Craft
Set you free
Set you free, set you free…”

I wrote this work between the ages of 14 and 25. They are the mantras that came to me when I questioned the human conditions and global insecurities I and many others faced during the days of our youth, when I was searching for and evolving my own spirituality. They are 7 Poems for 7 Days.

Saturday – ‘Exploding the Myth’
Sunday – ‘The God Tree’
Monday – ‘The Return’
Tuesday – ‘Love, a scientific analysis’
Wednesday – ‘The Sure Foundation’
Thursday – ‘If Love Is Gone’
Friday – ‘You Fill Me’

Available to view on my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/evolution.collection

This selection of poetry with an exclusive image of the ANGEL sketch on cover page, and bonus poem God Is… can be purchased as a pdf by email 7 Poems for 7 Days Pamphlet for £7.00. For more information and to find how to place your order please use the Let’s Do Business Contact Form.

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