You can hire me for a range of creative activities and events, I am open to ideas about we can bring meaningful artistic experiences to a wide audience. I especially want to reach people who have not had much opportunity to enrich their lives by exploring and expressing through the arts and other creative activities.

In traditional arts venues and community spaces The Evolution Collection has featured most recently:

  • at an exhibition of ‘A Woman’s Journey’ to sixth form students at Virgo Fidelis School
  • in the Loughborough Creatives installation at 198 Gallery
  • waxed lyrical during a singing and talk session with Loughborough Women’s Group.

Fees: Starting from £250.00 (negotiable). Contact me direct for more information. If you or your venue would like to host any of The Evolution Collection Presentations, just get in touch using the Let’s do Business Contact Form in the main menu, and  see if we can work together to make it happen!


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