Greetings and a warm welcome_

I am a writer, poet, artist, a lover of music, visual arts and crafts, with a lifelong commitment to creative expression and social justice.

Here is a place where you can view images of my paintings and sketches, read some of my poetry and prose, and discover more about me and the work I do.

In June 2013 I self-published my first book:

Evolution – a collection of paintings poetry and prose ©

You can read more about the book here Evolution Collection

The book is available to purchase on AuthorHouse:

‘EVOLUTION – a collection of paintings poetry and prose’

and on Amazon:

‘EVOLUTION – a collection of paintings poetry and prose’

I am a qualified Community & Youth Worker with many years experience. In my day job I specialise in strategy, planning, fundraising, and development. I share information about my professional practice based on experience and learning, and a pretty impressive track record.

These are a few of my articles full of useful information for individuals, businesses, and organizations, especially start-ups. All have free to download pdfs:

The Well Connected Cycle of Community Engagement ©

You can read more here The Well Connected Cycle of Community Engagement

ALPHABET SOUP – A to Z advice for entrepreneurs ©

You can read more here ALPHABET SOUP – A to Z advice for entrepreneurs

Planning for Success – Guest blog for the Institute of Fundraising ©

You can read more here Planning for Success

I update my Facebook  Evolution Collection website with new and archive images of art, musings, and poetry, so it is a good place to immerse yourself in my creative work. You are welcome to visit, follow, and react.

Going forward_

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Here’s where you can find out more and make contact


Website: http://cynthia-roomes.com

Twitter: @cynthiaroomes

LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/cynthia-roomes/28/8bb/4a8




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