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Hurt Musings on Civilisation

I’ve been watching some of the BBC documentary ‘Civilisations’, an ambitious project featuring prominent academics examining the history of human societies and the impact of art and culture. But I’ve been wondering about the pluralism, and question the validity of this. I’ve been thinking about the concept of human beings as one Civilisation drawn out […]

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58th Birthdate Anniversary

My birthday is coming up soon, I’ve been preparing to celebrate – I believe #preparation is a good thing to do, by reflecting on how I’ve been feeling, what I’ve been producing. This year has been one for a proliferation of creative outpourings, of expressive energy, getting things in to, and out of my system. […]

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Sad Stories in Threes

As a member of a number of social networks, I am particularly fond of LinkedIn where I take part in homepage discussions from time to time. One of my favourite exercises involved a response to a ‘set task’ – to write a sad story in three words. I found this fascinating. I had previously come […]

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