I thought

to myself

“What is god?”


within myself

none could say for sure

“Who is god?”

And like many

who have gone before

I am allowed to write

and record

a concept

a precept

in pursuit of an answer

to the question.



I thought

to myself

God is past and present

living as three in one.

God is mind body and spirit

pursuing perfection

observing all things.


within Himself

man woman and child

disturb the balance

of the laws

He allowed to be

after the beginning.



I thought

to myself

God is energy and power

dark matter and light.

God is known and unknown

a mysterious revelation

hearing all things

even in silence.


within Himself

to the voice of humankind

who speak without reason

or purpose.

God allows us to be

quiet – eventually.



I thought

to myself

God is everlasting

constantly changing.

God is space time and motion

expanding and controlling

the substance of all things

and infinity.


within Himself

immortal and fatal

the victorious survivor

of freedom

and the allowances

retrieved from history.



I thought

to myself

God is awake

even when sleeping.

God is the dreamer and the dream

that saves us from the nightmares

of a savage heathen soul

wandering in blindness


within itself

for what does not exist.

God is the question and the answer

some may choose to follow

consciously or otherwise

to escape a wretched destiny.



I thought

to myself

God is righteous dignity

God is sheer divinity

God is all that matters

in the battle to be free.

God enlightens darkness

bringing Him close to me

and me to Him.

Being deep

within Him

free from sin.

Then always and forever

and presently

God is the power of Trinity.



I thought

to myself

God gives no regard

to the social condition

of vile evil doers

nor their apologies

and pathetic excuses.

God is absolution

the sun arising

on the event horizon.

God is revolution

the consequence

of every decision

to do right, or wrong.

God is our humanity.



by Cynthia Antoinette Roomes

C2004 – 2013

© GOD IS …  #godis

The 8th poem in a spiritual and inspirational selection after #7poemsfor7days

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