The Well Connected

My ‘day job’ (which often stretches into the evening, nightime, and weekends), revolves around people and my love for local places and good things – community work. Feel free to take a look at my Resume and Biography in the main menu for a little more detail.

I bring the same creative energy and passion to the professional realm, as I do to my art and poetry, images and words. So I am pleased and proud to present some of the work I do to help improve the way institutions work with communities of interest, and to facilitate more meaningful engagement between the two.

The Well Connected Cycle of Community Engagement is based on my own personal and professional observations of what worked well and what could of been better in many engagement contexts, had all stakeholders begun with a better and common understanding of what they were setting out to do. Even in a parting of ways, the walk would have been less fractious, less contentious, and ultimately less damaging in terms of betrayed trusts, wasted money, and underachievement.

The Well Connected Cycle of Community Engagement is  a practical business  model and learning resource for individuals groups and organizations. It offers practical tips from professional and experienced sources, a dipped toe in the community engagement ocean, exploring how I think we can engage better and do more for less.

Many of my colleagues acknowledge we need a sincere and effective way of working with local people, especially at grass roots where disadvantaged communities live in socially, economically, and environmentally deprived areas, lacking community cohesion, and sometimes even hope for their futures.

I believe The Well Connected Cycle of Community Engagement is the way forward.

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