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Hurt Musings on Civilisation

I’ve been watching some of the BBC documentary ‘Civilisations’, an ambitious production featuring prominent academics examining the history of human societies and the impact of art and culture. CIVILISATIONS_ could be said to be semantics, but I think the BBC would have been better off and accurate calling the programme series ‘A History of Art […]

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A Curation for Black History Month

A Creative Curation for Black History Month from my #evolutioncollection #iam #awakeninginbrixton remembering the tale of #sadstoriesinthrees and chanting a #truthmantra in honour of my tears #mamacrymamacry On the morning #aftertheninthnight we cannot forget #thedarknessanthology and what it means to #participate when we are constantly #explodingthemyth This is #awomansjourney this is my journey – so […]

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56th Birthdate Anniversary

I have promised myself that as long as I live, and as long as I can, I’ll be marking my birthdate anniversaries by posting something special to me, highlights and low lights, things that make me feel happy, or sad, things that inspire, and infuriate me, in equal and unequal measures. In essence, a digital […]

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