60th – 61st BELIEF SYSTEMS: epic journey biblical proportions

Being on ‘socials’ over the past few years has revealed information – some invaluable, some galling, relating to spirituality, religion, belief, and disbelief. High level books such as the Bible and the Quran have avid supporters and dissenters, in fact with equal fervor.

Some ugliness I’ve seen in images from a few of the disbelievers – though they quote well from scripture and verse in favour of their cause/stance, really does match the evil they decry.

Maybe that works out to be about balance, but I am reminded of the Egyptian funerary system and the Book of the Dead, weighing the heart against a feather, begs the question ‘is the response appropriate in weight to the perceived wrong or right or crime?’


I remember one quote in particular from the book of Exodus relating to ‘treating your slaves well’ and the anger was about how this was used to justify the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. The Greeks are also reported to have boasted about how they were proud of the way they treated their slaves.

In the context of a dialogue about a black | white dichotomy based on power and control, at the time I thought if you have slaves of course you should treat them well, but better to find an alternative system of economic development, because that slave model throughout time has had a tendency to back fire.

Lest we forget every major civilisation on the planet was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of slaves. The many thousands of people duped and/or trafficked at great cost from 1st 2nd and 3rd world countries as modern day slaves would be grateful for better treatment from anyone.

Anyway, as old time people used to say – “two wrongs don’t make a right”. So this year for my 60th – 61st Birth Date Anniversary I am exploring my belief systems and my biblical epic of a journey ‘getting there and then, here and now’.

Many years ago in a convivial conversation with my brother he said “there are three sides to every argument, your side, my side, and the right side”. No one ever wins because we don’t know anyone called ‘right side’. Therein is the beginning of wisdom.


It is not possible then for every major civilisation on the planet to have a belief system evolved over time without that common thread being attributable to ‘something’, even if it starts out random like the universe i.e. monotheistic, polytheistic, plant based, animalistic, self-serving, dreams, visionary, or ‘alternative’.

The journey in search of the ‘something’ for me started since about 5 years, the age of consciousness, and has been the most fascinating ever. Still is. I found answers and #questions in science, electro-magnetics, radio activity, and nuclear physics, as well as mindfulness and meditation, metaphysics and contemplation.

These have all been major features on my epic journey from all four corners of time and space and our human earth, after all we are sometimes said to be made up star dust and ashes.


I had a Baptist and then Christian Pentecostal upbringing in the Brixton area New Testament Church of God, a co-founders of music group – The Zionites, and a member of gospel choirs. I’m a writer of songs, plays, as well as poetry, and spent many happy years co-producing melodies for the group and the choir.

Expressing myself creatively since 1974 I’ve written hundreds of creative works, my first recollected poem was #godtree and my earliest collection of poetry is #7poemsfor7days, and I have painted a considered collection of original symbolic art, including the featured image ‘Urban Pentecost’ ©

The thread, the theme, the angst even, that runs through all my creative work and  my thought process has always been a journey, a search, to find something far removed from dogma. It needed to be broader, universal, personal, spiritual.

I’ve never been able to just cruise through life, it would be too easy, although it is undeniable that my wanting and searching for something better and more is at least in part underpinned by adverse childhood experiences and abuse.

I was never angry with ‘god’, I am still filled with ardent fervor because as far as I am concerned #GodIs … I just knew that in order to extract myself from a world of negative energy I was going to have to tap into energy itself, my own, and that of the universe.

I became the ‘Church’, the one collected by God in Book of Revelation, after he spewed out the religious institutions that were not working well.  I am born raised and live in Lamb-eth, so I wrote my ‘Lambs Book of Life’ i.e. EVOLUTION – a collection of paintings poetry and prose_





I responded: to a question about the religious (belief system) symbols depicted in this image as follows – Looking at the positioning of women throughout time, ‘Totem’ depicts this journey, #awomansjourney

It’s self discovery, outside of religion, its placing myself at the helm of my own destiny, my power to control it, to not be placed by a religious ideology, but rather to find my place through my own reality, to be conscious, a free thinker, a free spirit, unbound, and unfettered, I step up to a platform I have found and created for myself. Through a process of elevated and revolutionary evolution, I find myself, I believe in myself, and I speak my own #truth


One of the most controversial and conflict ridden subject matter of all on social media, Facebook is no exception. One quiet a gentle soul posed a question about the validity of religion versus spirituality in relation to black people in Africa historically.

I responded: Many people come to truth and their belief systems from different roads. It is good if they start somewhere, and go willingly themselves on a journey of discovery, become conscious, and are enlightened through higher learning, understanding, and acceptance.

These things cannot happen overnight. They are a lifetime in the making. I believe good bad and evil can be found in all things, if that is what one is looking for.

The Bible is a summary of other books written millennia before, so even on that basis alone it is well worth studying theologically. But study also the many books (Apocrypha, Lost Books of the Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden, and also metaphysics etc.) and the elements that were extracted, thought to be too strong for the masses, or usurped for other means.

Many deeper elements were also lost in translations and interpretations, diluted, turned to a self-serving advantage, sometimes but not always used through religion to oppress the vulnerable and the poor, or to prevent higher learning.

Key Words and Behaviours:

Obfuscation = darken, confuse, bewilder.

Agnatology | Agnotology = wilful acts to spread confusion and deceit.


It will never be my ambition in life, or even in death, to become a ‘new persecutor’ in the ‘old style’. That would be counterproductive, and hypocritical. But to the oppressors who use and abuse power and people in the context of faith and belief systems, in the name of God or any other deity, in the name of humanity or any other good, to the leaders who ignore the suffering of children, and who are deaf to the cries of the poor, to them as my giddy aunt would say “god pays debts without money”.

To round it off: everything that goes around comes around, the circle will be complete, the circle will be unbroken, the whole will always be greater than the sum of its parts. Aristotle knows. The Matrix is more than just four square nowadays isn’t it, it’s digital over dinosaur x 10 mach 1 to the nth degree…



Sometimes, just four words will do

to settle the angst

to heal the pain

to walk away

to live again_

Karma will reach them

Karma will reach us

Karma will reach you

Karma will reach me

Karma reaches its destination_


One of the most fascinating post from a friend on Facebook related to the cosmos, I’ve read many relating to metaphysics, and there are keen followers of pages that relate to Signs of The Zodiac, Astrological Charts, Earthbound Seasonal Changes. I came across a particular post on The Last Supper which explored the famous painting from those esoteric angles. Thinking about the Da Vinci Code, thought I’d get cracking.

I responded: Interesting to note the image appears linear as opposed to circular or elliptical, most timelines are portrayed linear, but time itself is closer to being circular (everything that goes around…) The 12 are male/masculine disciples/principles in the image (new testament). In the old testament there were also 12 prophets – major and minor. There was a 13th – sister Dinah (old testament in some translations), the feminine principle.

This was also encapsulated when the annum in ancient history was 13 months long. The 13th is a critical mass related to mysticism, the esoteric, and numerology. Mastering this can elevate one above the earthbound seasonal astrological charts, to ‘mind craft’ i.e. the ability to deploy mind over matter, over time. But the principles must be feminine and masculine (i.e. of life).

The evolution of the calendar (e.g. The Calendar by David Ewing Duncan) and exploring meta physics (e.g. Metaphysical Bible Dictionary from the Charles Fillmore Reference Library) are good starting points for study, alongside examination of some ‘square roots’ (mathematical|esoterical|elemental) which can be found in Egyptology and the study of their ancient matrix systems.


Being engaged in social media has also brought my attention to some really interesting insights and stimulating commentary on. This is a recent quote from a man Friend on Facebook: Man comes from a drop of semen, and leaves like a speck of dust. He doesn’t know when he came. He doesn’t know when he’s leaving. Yet he walks on earth thinking he knows everything.

I responded: If information forms the basis of knowledge, then man must be mindful in seeking out information and where he finds it. He needs to be careful when deciding what to do with that information i.e. how he converts it to knowledge – a practical application, this requires ‘brain activity’.

Many people base their actions on erroneous information, call it truth convince others it is so, and then spend the rest of their lives living a lie. They minus ‘brain activity’. Some people are out there living death after life like knowledgeable zombies.

For me this alludes to The Matrix, and The Matrix alludes to this – in Egypt and in Hollywood movies.

Every human society needs a system based on values that work for the group (the whole) not just the individual (the part). Every human society which has failed on this tenet crumbles, rises, falls, rises, crumbles and so on.

Sometimes the masses accept it because they like the stability, but sometimes they don’t, then revolutionary change happens, and the cycle begins again #changeisaseriousthing


Thanks again to my Beloved Friends on Facebook (social media really is good for something) this is by way of conclusion…

“The order of your body is born of and is a reflection of the Divine Order of Creation. Amen, the Great God, and Amenet the Great Goddess, come together and function as One Divine Unit, the Supreme Being, in the process of Creation. Amen-Amenet birthed within Themselves smaller or lesser Divine Beings. These are the Goddesses and Gods, the Divine Organs and Structures within the Divine Body of Amen-Amenet.

These smaller beings include stars, Sun, Moon, planetary bodies, from which proceeded plants, animals, minerals, Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit humans. These beings are the cells of the Divine Organs and Structures. The Divine Body of Amen-Amenet is thus made up of a system of beings within beings. The organs and structures of your body regulate the functions of their cells, and serve the whole body.”


In the divine scheme of things, through creative expression, and in my #evolutioncollection of paintings poetry and prose, I found liberation in the #iam after the #fireburns I encourage humanity to #belovers to study #8Red to remember #mamacrymamacry and #participate be fully conscious of the #truthmantra and keep #explodingthemyth



#7poemsfor7days (including #GodTree)





Cynthia Antoinette Roomes

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