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60th – 61st BELIEF SYSTEMS: epic journey biblical proportions

Being on ‘socials’ over the past few years has revealed information – some invaluable, some galling, relating to spirituality, religion, belief, and disbelief. High level books such as the Bible and the Quran have avid supporters and dissenters, in fact with equal fervor. Some ugliness I’ve seen in images from a few of the disbelievers […]

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59th – 60th ALL THAT I AM: Nomenclature and Identity

I’ve been on a voyage of discovery in the run-up to my 59th Birth Date Anniversary, or my 60th birth date when I count the day I was born as the first. I’ve been musing on identity, and researching my name to see what insights a nomenclature approach may offer – the process has been quite […]

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