The CAVE CAB Vehicle for Human Beings

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A business or organization lose personnel, people move on, people step down, funding and finance regimes change for the worse, and for the better sometimes too. This will always be a unique review opportunity, a chance to take stock, understand what competencies are lacking, what results are not being attained, what impact is not being measured, and where increases in productivity can be achieved etc.

Organizations and businesses sometimes rush to fill vacancies, without exploiting the opportunity to develop staff teams, or leadership, thus perpetuating a deficiency, rather than developing and implementing an appropriate ‘succession plan’ that is effectively linked to investment in human resources and workforce development.

The CAVE CAB Vehicle for Human beings_

It is a sad truth that there are many annual training allowances that a) do not get allocated, or b)simply do not get used.

  • If you are thinking about what you want to see in a business or organization before you apply for a job;
  • If you are advertising a job, looking to attract the best talent, and recruiting for a ‘best fit’;
  • If you are concerned about developing a business or organization, collaborating, or working in partnership,
  • If you want to improve the way your business or organization ‘engages’ and ‘works’, inwardly, and outwardly;

The CAVE CAB could prove to be an essential vehicle for the human beings making those decisions, and may help to ensure that the decision making process is as smooth and relevant as possible:

CULTURE – the atmosphere, the focus, the way of doing things, how closely this aligns with what your business or your organization sets out to achieve.

AMBITION – wanting to do more of what is right, better, for longer, to bring others with you, to make your business or your organization, and the people who run it, an ongoing success.

VALUES – how you describe the qualities and the principles you abide by, how you apply these in the way you do business, or the way you run your organization, how you bring your stakeholders, colleagues, and staff team on board.

EVIDENCE – how you prove you are doing what you say you are doing, the measures you use, how these are corroborated so that people know you speak truth.

COMPETENCIES – the right people, with the right skills and abilities, experience, and qualifications, in the right places, at the right time, doing the right things.

ATTITUDES – what you expect people to bring, and the way you expect them to bring it, their humanity, their ability to care about the impact they have on others, and their understanding of how this relates to the success of the business or the organization.

BEHAVIOURS – how you implement what you have been asked to do, or what you have signed up to do, the way people interact with each other at all levels within the business or organization, and how these interactions result in a quality service or product being provided to clients or service users.

Quality Assurance Reminder_

Essential to avoiding a ‘sickness’ stifling growth and sustainability, and becoming embedded in a business or organization, is placing a high priority on getting The CAVE CAB elements described accurately, implemented comprehensively, and functioning well.

The CAVE CAB is a reminder of how to drive a quality assurance framework for human beings_


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