The Darkness Anthology

Artist, poet, believer in social justice, her visual and literary work reflects upon life, the human condition, and triumph over adversity from a black woman’s perspective. Born, bred, and based in Brixton south London, a lover of the arts with a lifelong interest in creative expression, self-published my first book ‘EVOLUTION – a collection of paintings poetry and prose’ in 2013.

My poetry is grounded in reality, no more so than in The Darkness Anthology, a carefully curated selection of 16 original poems from recent work exploring the impact and outcome of cataclysmic real life events and tragic loss, abuse, trauma, death, bereavement, grief, and justice.

ARTWORK COVER: image of rough sketch ‘the aftermath’

WARNING: The Darkness Anthology contains explicit language and strong references. This selection is not suitable for children, or for those who are of a sensitive disposition, the feint hearted, or the squeamish.

A PDF Copy of The Darkness Anthology is available to purchase, complete the contact form and I’ll let you know how you can make a payment and download your own copy.

Priced at £10.00

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